Best places to eat in Nashville

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First questions when we visit a new city ....

  • Where are we going to eat?
  • What new restaurant should we check out?
  • Which spot has the best atmosphere? 
  • Is any location known for the "best of" something?

And then the research begins! We ask for recommendations from friends, use our trusty resources Yelp or TripAdvisor, check out local guides and always come up with an awesome list of places. We literally refuse to just "walk-into" a restaurant off the street. We had to have heard of it somewhere! For real, what did we do before Yelp? 

Nashville is one of those emerging foodie spots that literally has something for everyone's palate. The below list has been gathered after numerous trips to Nashville and testing too many restaurants. These are the tried and true, that we would send via email to any friend that called us up and said "what are the best places to eat in Nashville?"


12 South

  • Five Daughters Bakery - donut heaven!! The100 layer option filled with cream tastes like a dream! =) =) Plus the venue is adorable. They even have paleo and vegan options available. #WIN
  • Bartaco - awesome street style tacos and delicious margs!! Great stylish mexican spot! 
  • Urban Grub - I'm a sucker for anywhere with a solid charcuterie board. Can't go wrong with this spot for brunch or dinner. 
Five Daughters Bakery
Five Daughters Bakery

Hillsboro Village

  • Pancake Pantry - a Nashville breakfast staple that has been around since the 60’s. Pancakes may be my favorite breakfast item, so I can never pass up this spot! Be prepared for long lines on the weekends.

The Gulch

  • Biscuit Love - so sad that I didn’t get to stop by this breakfast gem on my latest trip.  The lines on the weekend are always extremely long, but get your butt out of bed, because the biscuits really are to die for!
  • St. Anejo – premium tequila menu, yesss! This has a really fun atmosphere, amazing decor and great Mexican food!
  • Yazoo, Jackalop & Tennessee Brew Works - if you are looking for something a little different, check out one of these breweries in the area. In all honesty, I've only been to Yazzoo but I always find a brewery an awesome day activity for a group of friends. 


  • Tavern - decent food, but great sports bar! We watched opening weekend of March Madness, which was the perfect setting. The buffalo cauliflower are delish! 
  • Patterson House – expect a line and pricier cocktails, but this is an amazing prohibition style speakeasy. It is located below the restaurant Catbird Seat. These are my favorite types of bars!
Tavern Bar Nashville


  • The Southern - perfect location in walking distance to Broadway bars. Great atmosphere! I say "great atmosphere" a lot, but in most cases that is what makes a restaurant for me. Good food too, with the best biscuit baskets for starters. 
  • Pinewood Social - one of my favorite spots on the most recent trip! Such a great place for dinner and for groups, as we even had a private room. The best part though, is the bowling alley where you can reserve a lane post-dinner! #signmeup
Pinewood Social
Pinewood Social

Outside of town

  • Monnells - one of my favorite places to go with a group! It's further from downtown (Germantown), but the family style brunch is such an experience. You share a huge table, where it's all you can eat, pass around the table southern food! So fun!
  • The Pharmacy - beer & burgers, enough said! If you find yourself in the area of Greenwood, check out the awesome hipster vibe, food, and my favorite part, the beer garden. 
Pharmacy Burger Parlor

Broadway Bars

What is a whole post on Nashville without mentioning all the best spots for night adventures? If it is your first time or first night out in Nashville, I'd recommend kicking off the evening right, with the must-visit Broadway bars. They always have live music (with multiple floors) and will not disappoint.

If you are around for Round 2, check out some of these bars: 

  •  Crazy Town - if you are looking to escape the country music, this has some hip-hop/pop floor levels. 
  •  Acme Feed & Seed - one of my favorite venues, you can party here at night or eat here during the day. They have live bands, sports bar, private event space and dance music all on different floors.  It also has a great view of the city and the football stadium. 
  • Paradise Park - most unique venue on Broadway. Live band meets dive bar with food, set-up in a "trailer park". With that description, you have to at least check it out! I would mainly suggest it late night =) 

If you have any spots to add to our list for the next time we make it to Nashville, send them our way. We love trying new places!

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